Friday, September 30, 2011


Mother Rabbit and her babies sat quietly in a patch of beautiful green grass out by the garden. Mother Rabbit said to her babies, “Sit still and brush each others fur until I return with breakfast.”

Mother Rabbit was hopping joyfully along when she met Frog. Frog took a giant leap in front of her.

Mother Rabbit said, “Oh hello Frog. My goodness you startled me!”
Frog replied in a strong voice, “Hello Rabbit, where are you going, if you don’t mind me asking?”

Mother Rabbit replied in a nice, calm voice, “I’m going to the market to buy breakfast for my little ones. Frog, would you and your babies care to join us for breakfast?”
 “Yes, thank you so very much,” replied Frog.

Mother Rabbit said, “I do not have time to visit right now Frog, I must hurry along!”
“Of course,” answered Frog, “We will see you later.”

As Mother Rabbit got closer to the market, she saw Bird flying close to the ground.

Mother Rabbit called: “Bird, oh Bird, isn’t it a lovely morning? Why are you flying so low, is something wrong?”
Bird replied, “Yes it is a beautiful morning! Nothing is wrong; I’m off to the market to get breakfast for my babies.”
“Where are you off to Rabbit?” asked Bird.

Rabbit joyfully answered, “I’m off to the market to get breakfast for my babies.”

“Rabbit, oh Rabbit, I wonder if I could trouble you to bring me a cup of seeds for my young ones?”

“Well yes Bird, it would give me great pleasure to bring a cup of seeds for your babies!” said Rabbit.
“Oh thank you so very, very much!” said Bird.

Mother Rabbit continued on her journey. She heard a soft whisper. “Oh dear, I wonder who could that be?” she said. Mother Rabbit discovered Squirrel slowly moving in the beautiful, green grass.
Rabbit called with a gentle voice, “Squirrel, Squirrel, isn’t it a beautiful morning? It’s so good to see you out and about like Frog and Bird!”
 Squirrel answered, “Yes it is a beautiful morning, Rabbit. I’m enjoying the early morning breeze, and looking for delicious nuts for my family!”
“Well Squirrel,” said Rabbit, “I have no time to chat; my babies are waiting for breakfast. Maybe you and your babies will join us later!”
 “We would be very happy to join you,” said Squirrel. “Thank you so much!”

  Mother Rabbit finally arrived at the market. Rabbit sang as she carefully chose healthy food for her babies. Rabbit hopped and shopped until she found the seeds Bird requested. Looking closely, she found extra nuts for Squirrel and her babies. Rabbit finished her shopping she said “goodbye” to the shoppers in line behind her.

Mother Rabbit hopped slowly down the trail to the patch of grass. On the way back, Squirrel noticed Rabbit struggling with her bags of food.

Rabbit called out, “Squirrel would you please give me a hand?”
 “Well of course, I would be delighted to!” Squirrel replied.
 “Thank you so much,” said Rabbit.

Mother Rabbit and Squirrel chatted as they strolled slowly down the trail. Bird was still flying low to the ground. “Bird would you like to give us a hand? Well never mind,” Mother Rabbit said. “That might be a little difficult for you, since you need both wings to fly about. Just follow along and join us for breakfast.”
“I surely will,” said Bird.

Mother Rabbit, Squirrel and Bird noticed Frog still leaping high around and about.
“Frog, we are headed back to the patch, please come and join us for breakfast.”
“I will, I will!” answered Frog as he hopped along with them. “I wish I could help, but I think I’m leaping too high to carry a bag.”
“Oh don’t worry Frog, you are welcome anyway!” Mother Rabbit replied.

When they reached Rabbit’s nest, the babies were quietly waiting. Frog, Bird, and Squirrel shouted, “Oh, dear! We must go back and get our babies.”

“Oh please do, and hurry back,” replied Rabbit.

Copyright © 2006 Joyce Newsome-Hargrove

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Kenny and His Friend Hemmi

    One day JaDeson asked his mom “Mom can I have a puppy?”
    “Maybe someday you will get a puppy, JaDe,” Mom replied.
    “When Mom, for my birthday?” asked JaDe.
    “I’m not sure,” answered mom.
    “When Mom, for Christmas?” JaDe asked excitedly.
    “JaDe, I said I’m not sure. But a puppy does sound like a good idea for a Christmas present,” replied mom.
    A few days before Christmas, JaDeson received a very pleasant surprise; the puppy Mom said he might get. When Mom brought the new puppy home, he seemed very frightened. He jumped out of the box he arrived in, ran as fast as he could across the yard, under a fence, down a hill, across a stream of water and hid behind some trees. Far across the field, looking through binoculars, Mom and Grandma could see the frightened puppy looking at his new home. JaDeson called, but the puppy just sat and stared without making a move. JaDeson became very sad because his new puppy was frightened and ran away.
     “I want my puppy back” JaDe said to his mom. “Okay,” Mom replied, "you will get your puppy back as soon as mommy gets help." Soon Mom, along with help from cousin Jauqae and Darius, the little boy next door, finally got the puppy home.
    JaDeson decided to name his puppy “Kenny.” Of course, no one knew why he decided to name the puppy Kenny. After a few days Kenny seemed comfortable with his new home. Soon Kenny had a new friend to play with, Hemmi the little Chihuahua next door. Kenny and Hemmi could be very mischievous while having lots of fun together. They would play in the yard at both houses and in the field between the two houses where they live.  Sometimes they made a really big mess tearing up paper; finding old soda pop bottles, and leaving them all across the field where they play. One day JaDeson discovered the puppies playing tug-a-war with one of his favorite foam footballs. As far as he could see across the field in the beautiful, green grass were bits and pieces of foam where the puppies had so much fun.
     Kenny the Cocker Spaniel and Hemmi the Chihuahua get along just fine together, running from house to house. The puppies play all day and never seem tired. However they sometimes stopped under a tree in the middle of the field, looking at each other as if they needed to rest. Watching from the window, JaDeson could see the puppies waddling and rolling on their backs. The puppies ran back and forth between the houses as if they were racing. One day Hemmi had to be put on his leash for a short time. Kenny was not happy about Hemmi being tied up and made every effort trying to free him by pulling on his leash.
    Kenny is a very smart puppy. When he is ready to eat, he comes to the back door and bangs on the door with his paws. When strangers drive in the yard, Kenny runs back and forth barking at the car. Every night when Grandma come home from work
Kenny runs very fast down the road to meet her. He runs beside the car until it is safely parked. Kenny really loves his new home.

Copyright (c) 2006 Joyce Newsome-Hargrove